Project Description

Project Summary: 

RHESSys = Regional Hydrological and Ecological Simulation System

RHESSys combines the terrestrial ecosystem process model Biome-BGC with spatially explicit meteorological information from MTCLIM or Daymet and the TOPMODEL hydrologic routing model to let us to make spatial and temporal predictions of carbon, water, and nitrogen dynamics over landscapes.

Input information derived from weather records, satellite imagery, digital terrain models, and soils maps are supplied to RHESSys via a geographic database. The computer models construct a climatic surface, and based on this and other input surfaces, simulate maps of various ecosystem properties including snowpack, soil moisture, streamflow, evaporation, and photosynthesis.

RHESSys is an important tool in understanding the effects of anthropogenic impacts on landscape-level processes. RHESSys is being implemented in a number of other lab projects to assess the impacts of land use and disturbances on stream hydrology and forest productivity.

Funding: National Aeronautics and Space Administration, National Biological Service