Nima Madani

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PhD Candidate


Doctor of Philosophy
PhD, In progress, Systems ecology, University of Montana
Master's Degree
MS, 2008, Environmental Planning and Management, University of Tehran, Iran
Undergraduate Degree
BS, 2001, Natural Resources Engineering-Environment, AMN Higher Education Institute, Iran



Studying environmental science and management for his bachelor and master degree helped him having a broad view over ecological systems. His previous research were focused on effect of climate and human activities on ecological systems, and how species response to these changes. In 2011, he started his PhD under supervision of Prof. John Kimball. For his PhD research, Nima is working on improving remote sensing plants productivity models.


Ecosystem productivity models use plant types to represent ecosystem functions across the terrestrial biomes. However, ecosystem functions can vary within biomes and plant traits can be used to explain ecosystem functions. I am using this information to improve remote sensing light use efficiency modeling.