Adam Moreno

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MS Candidate


Master's Degree
MS Candidate
Undergraduate Degree
BSc, 2004, Computer Engineering, Oregon State University



My research interests lie at the intersection between technology and ecology. As a computer engineer I was immersed in the world of systems and signals of mechanical, electrical and strictly mathematical systems. Once I learned about the principles and mathematics behind ecology I was fascinated that the physics and math is the same as every other system that I knew except tremendously more complicated with many more unknowns. These natural systems became the focus my education. Modeling, remote sensing, field measurement tools and developing new solutions to old problems are several of the areas where my interest in technology has taken me. Currently I am modeling projections of NPP trends for all range lands in the United States from 2001-2100. I am also beginning projects in conjunctions with NASA Ames using Pleiades (the sixth fastest computer in the world).

Currently, I work under Dr. Steven Running, director of the Numerical Terradynamic Simulation Group at the University of Montana. At Oregon State University I received a bachelor's of science in Computer Engineering with a senior project consisting of creating wire-less power transfer (which had not been done before and was a pretty amazing project) and implementing IrDa within an electric locking system designed for commercial use. After graduation I worked for Dr. Mark Harmon helping him develop and improve algorithms for this forest GAP model Stand-Carb.


My master's thesis is currently under construction but the tentative title will be "The NPP trend of range lands of the continental United States from 2001 - 2100." This work entails using GCM projected climate data, Statsgo soil data, SOGS and Prism historical climate data, nitrogen deposition data, and others to create Biome-BGC simulations on daily time steps at 5 arc sec resolution.