Jennifer Watts

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PhD Candidate


Doctor of Philosophy
PhD, Systems Ecology (In Progress)
Master's Degree
MS, 2008, Land Resources and Environmental Sciences-Land Rehabilitation, Montana State University
Undergraduate Degree
BS, 2006, Land Resources and Environmental Sciences, Montana State University



I study carbon cycle dynamics, surface hydrology, and changes in permafrost affected landscapes across Arctic-Boreal regions. My research interests include using satellite remote sensing data to inform terrestrial carbon (CO2, CH4) flux modeling, using information from eddy covariance to improve carbon emission models, and better understanding biogeophysical processes regulating methane emissions in northern landscapes. Prior to joining NTSG, I completed my MS degree in Land Resources and Environmental Sciences, with emphasis in satellite image analysis, GIS, GPS, pedology, and land/soil rehabilitation. When not in the office, I am usually somewhere in the mountains – backpacking, skiing, or mountain biking.


Carbon Cycles (CO2, CH4)
Satellite-based Monitoring of Terrestrial Surfaces
Arctic-Boreal Ecosystems
Applied Passive Microwave Remote Sensing
Surface Hydrology; Flooding; Inundation
Permafrost Regions
Climate Change Impacts in Alaska & Canada
Science (STEM) Education in Rural Alaskan Villages (via ARCUS)


NASA Earth and Space Sciences Fellowship (2003-2016)
PEO International Scholar Award (2015);
AmeriFlux Training Award (2015)

Society Affiliations

American Geophysical Union
NASA Terrestrial Ecology
NASA Arctic Boreal Vulnerability Experiment (ABoVE)
Permafrost Young Researchers Network (PYRN)
U.S. Permafrost Association
Arctic Research Consortium of the United States (ARCUS)