Céline Boisvenue

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Climate Change Adaptation and Carbon Modelling Researcher


Doctor of Philosophy
PhD, 2007, Forest Sciences, The University of Montana
Master's Degree
MSc, 2000, Forest Growth and Yield, The University of British Columbia
Undergraduate Degree
BSc, 1993. Natural Resource Management, Université Laval



I have recently accepted a position with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Wildlife of Quebec, in Canada. As their climate change adaptation and carbon modelling researcher, I will contribute to policy development for the adaptation of the province's forests to climate change, and to the incorporation of forest-carbon in the evolving forest landscape management of the province.

Prior to accepting this position, I worked as a FQRNT postdoctoral fellow with Dr. Pierre Bernier at the Canadian Forest Service in Quebec city exploring cross-scale estimation and carbon modelling. My PhD is from the University of Montana in Missoula, MT, USA where I worked within the Numerical Terradynamic Simulation Group (NTSG) under the supervision of Dr. Steven W. Running. My PhD research looks at the effects of climate change on forests and explores our ability to accurately measure forest productivity.


Framework for including climate sensitivity and carbon accounting within existing growth models