Matt Jolly

Research Scientist


Doctor of Philosophy
PhD, 2004, Forestry, Ecological Modeling and Remote Sensing, The University of Montana
Undergraduate Degree
BA, 2000, Environmental Science, The University of Virginia
Additional Degree
AAS, 1995, Electronic Systems Technologies, Community College of the Air Force



My main research focus is to develop a holistic understanding of the climatic factors that regulate foliar canopy phenology at regional scales or larger. I have developed a generalized foliar phenology model that predicts intra-annual plant canopy status. This model will be suitable for use in ecosystem process models, dynamic vegetation models and land-surface models used in general circulation models for predicted the impacts of rising greenhouse gases on climate.

I am also implementing the model as a monitoring tool. I will use the model, coupled with gridded climate data from the Surface Observations Gridding System, to create daily maps of canopy status over the continental United States.

Society Affiliations

Ecological Society of America (ESA)
American Geophysical Union (AGU)