Rachel A. Loehman

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Post-doctoral Scientist


Doctor of Philosophy
PhD, 2006, Ecosystem Ecology, The University of Montana
Master's Degree
MA, 1990, Biogeography, University of New Mexico
Undergraduate Degree
BA, 1996, Archaeology, University of New Mexico



Post-Doctoral Researcher, Numerical Terradynamic Simulation Group, University of Montana
Project Co-Director, Science Goes Spatial: Geotechnologies Research


Modeling for vector-borne disease emergence using remotely sensed data and bioclimatology: spatial and temporal patterns in hantavirus risk based on interactions between climate, landscape, and disease reservoir populations. Research aims to develop models to predict effects of global climate and landcover changes on vector-borne diseases, based on the assumption that such significant abiotic and biotic changes perturb complex ecological systems.

Forecasting regional patterns in climate change and disease emergence: development of prediction models for effects of changes in temperature and precipitation on emergence and resurgence of human diseases.

Range analysis and habitat modeling and mapping for conservation of African wild dog populations, Botswana.

Development of tools and curricula to enhance spatial literacy: creation of a national model for improving the teaching and learning of science in grades 5-12, using geotechnologies tools and concepts. Development of tools and curricula for global change education.